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Medical Training for Close Protection Operatives!

Updated: Apr 8

For Close Protection Operatives (CPOs), selecting the right medical training course is pivotal due to the unique demands of their roles, which often place them in situations requiring a prominent level of preparedness to handle medical emergencies.

The selection among St John Ambulance First Aid at Work or similar courses, Qualsafe Level 3 First Response Emergency Care, QNUK Level 3 First Responder, and QNUK Level 3 First Person on Scene International should depend on the distinct needs of operational environments, the required depth of medical knowledge, and the specific practical skills that need to be acquired.

FAAW – Level 3 First Aid at Work (RQF) is a foundational course designed to equip individuals with the essential skills needed to perform first aid in the workplace. While it covers the basics, it might not delve into the depth required for the complex and unpredictable situations often encountered by Close Protection Operatives​ (Qualifications Network)​.

FREC – Qualsafe Level 3 First Response Emergency Care (RQF) is tailored for those who might be first on the scene at medical emergencies, including CPOs. It covers a wide range of emergency care topics, making it suitable for those in high-risk environments. The course is thorough, with practical assessments, multiple-choice question papers, and a detailed focus on both trauma and medical illness management​ (St John Ambulance)​.

FR – QNUK Level 3 First Responder (RQF) provides a more advanced level of first aid knowledge beyond standard training. It's particularly beneficial for those in security roles, focusing on skills such as advanced airway management and catastrophic haemorrhage control. This course is noted for meeting more level D competency descriptors on The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh Faculty of Pre-hospital Care Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) framework, indicating its rigor and relevance​ (Life Saving Training)​.

FPOSI – QNUK Level 3 First Person on Scene International (RQF) is specifically designed for individuals working in environments where immediate care is essential. It has a strong reputation within the security sector for its relevant content and practical applications. This course surpasses other Level 3 pre-hospital care courses by aligning more closely with the Grade D and E descriptors of the PHEM Skill framework, suggesting a more comprehensive approach to pre-hospital care and particularly beneficial for Close Protection Operatives working internationally, given its global perspective and focus on a wide array of medical emergencies​ (Life Saving Training)​.

Considering the specialized nature of Close Protection, Qualsafe Level 3 First Response Emergency Care (RQF) and QNUK Level 3 First Person on Scene International (RQF) stand out as the more appropriate choices due to their extensive coverage of pre-hospital care topics, practical skills training, and alignment with the competencies required for high-risk operational settings.

The choice between these two would depend on the specific operational scope, with the latter being particularly beneficial for those working across international settings.

Regardless, each course has its strengths and is designed with different objectives in mind. It’s essential to evaluate the specific requirements of your role, the types of emergencies you are likely to encounter, and your career progression goals before deciding. Consulting with industry peers, employers, or professional advisors who understand the unique demands of close protection work will offer valuable insights into which qualification will best enhance your capabilities as a CPO.

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