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PHEM Skills | FREC or FPOS

Being a member of The Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh means that you are part of a proud tradition of innovation and excellence that stretches back over more than 500 years, but which has its eye firmly on the future.

Today, in its sixth century, the College continues to promote the highest standards in education, assessment and practice. It also contributes whole-heartedly, directly and indirectly, to the health and well-being of millions, through the dedication and skills of its Membership as they constantly strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients in their care.

On completion of recognised qualifications learners will be able to apply for membership to the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care (FPHC).

The FPHC recognition structure has changed from 1st January 2019 and to be recognized at any level the practitioner must have all the skills at that level. Practitioners may have additional skills from higher levels, but this does not mean that they are operating at that level. The examples given relate to public service roles and can be used to benchmark other medical threat and training requirements.

New Level | Equivalence

Provider | Competency framework A, B + C

  • A | First Aider (management of an unconscious, bleeding or arrested patient). Certificated by a non-national organization.

  • B | First Level Responder, nationally certified and qualified to meet statutory requirements within the workplace {EFAW, FAW}

  • C | Nationally certificated Pre-hospital Responder (use of airway adjuncts & oxygen) e.g. Community First Responder {AoFAQ L3 Award in First Person on Scene Intermediate (24 GLH), QA L3 certificate in First Response Emergency Care (FREC) (35 GLH)}

Advanced Provider | Competency framework D, E + F

  • D | Nationally certificated non health care Professional Pre-hospital Provider caring for patients as a secondary role e.g. Police Officers in Specialist Roles, Fire Service IEC, equivalent UKSAR trained personnel, Enhanced Community First Responder {FPHC D13 Enhanced FPOS Skills (40 GLH), BTEC L4 Certificate for First Person on Scene (FPOS) (88 GLH)}

  • E | Nationally certificated non health care Professional Pre-hospital Provider caring for patients as a primary role e.g. UKSAR, some military personnel and specialist certificated police officers and firefighters. {BTEC L 4 Extended Certificate for First Person on Scene (FPOS) (98 GLH)}

  • F | Non-registered health care professional e.g. Ambulance Technician, CMT1.

Lesson Notes

- for your Close Protection and Emergency Pre-hospital Care training

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