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QNUK Level 2 (SIA Top Up) for Close Protection Operatives (RQF)

Aug 22, 2024 - Aug 25, 2024

Course Details

The Close Protection Top-Up Training Course qualification includes the essential content required for obtaining the new SIA Licence. Principles of Terror Threat Awareness in the Private Security Industry (Pre-Course) * Understand terror threats and the security operative’s role during a threat. Principles of Working as a Door Supervisor for Close Protection Operatives in the Private Security Industry (Pre-Course) * Learn to protect vulnerable individuals. * Understand relevant licensing laws. * Manage queues and venue capacities effectively. Application of Physical Intervention Skills (Door Supervisors) within the Private Security Industry (Day 1-2) * Grasp physical interventions and their implications. * Recognize and mitigate associated risks. * Develop skills to protect yourself and others. * Master non-pain compliant standing, holding, and escorting techniques. Application of Physical Intervention Skills for Close Protection Operatives in the Private Security Industry (Day 2-3) * Provide clear instructions to the principal and team during emergencies. * Respond to changes from Standard to Emergency Operational Procedures. * Fulfil close protection team responsibilities during immediate threats. * Narrow protective layers in threat scenarios. * Understand legal implications of using force. * Explore alternatives to physical intervention. * Identify threats from attempted assaults or unwanted attention. * Apply intervention skills ethically and professionally. * Use non-pain compliant skills to prevent harm to the principal. * Employ defensive non-pain compliant skills for self-protection. * Secure the inner cordon of a protective layer. * Protect the principal from assaults. * Communicate effectively to encourage de-escalation.

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