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QNUK Level 3 Certificate for Close Protection Operatives in the Private Security Industry (RQF) starts 9th September 2024

Course Details

This is a prestigious and comprehensive qualification designed for those aspiring to become professional close protection operatives on a global stage. This course equips learners with the critical skills and knowledge needed to provide high-level security services to clients across various international environments, ensuring their safety and security. Course Objectives: To impart a thorough understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a close protection operative in an international context. To develop advanced skills in threat assessment, risk management, and operational planning tailored to international scenarios. To train students in practical close protection techniques, including surveillance, conflict management, and defensive tactics applicable globally. To enhance situational awareness and decision-making abilities in diverse, high-pressure international environments. To prepare learners for successful careers in the international private security industry with a recognized and respected certification. Assessment: Students will be assessed through a combination of practical exercises, written assignments, and scenario-based evaluations, ensuring they can demonstrate their competence and readiness to operate as close protection professionals internationally. Duration and Delivery: The course is delivered over two solid weeks, combining classroom instruction with practical training sessions, designed to encompass all the necessary skills to be a personal protection specialist. Those wishing to obtain the new SIA Licence will also need to complete the following additional modules. Principles of Terror Threat Awareness in the Private Security Industry (Pre-Course) Principles of Working as a Door Supervisor for Close Protection Operatives in the Private Security Industry (Pre-Course) Application of Physical Intervention Skills for Door Supervisors and Close Protection Operatives the Private Security Industry (Additional 3 days).

Course fee

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