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QNUK Level 3 Security Management (RQF)

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Qualification number: 603/5129/9

Guided learning hours: 40

Total Qualification time: 60 hours

Credit value: 6

This qualification represents the next step for individuals who have completed specialist Close Protection training designed to provide Security Managers, or those aspiring to progress in the security industry, with crucial knowledge and skills. It is available internationally; however, learners should note that the content is designed to meet current English legislation.

The qualification consists of four mandatory units:

  1. General Responsibilities of a Security Manager (10 guided learning hours)
  2. Translating Legislation into Operational Requirements (10 guided learning hours)
  3. Operational Skills of a Security Manager (10 guided learning hours)
  4. Team Leadership in a Security Environment (10 guided learning hours)

Building on the initial SIA license qualifications, this program focuses on the management, supervisory, and leadership skills essential for effective team and contract management. It equips participants with critical abilities in:

  • Monitoring performance and understanding KPIs
  • Brand image protection
  • Producing staff rotas
  • Patrol planning
  • Training needs analysis and staff development
  • Translating legislation into operational requirements
  • Managing evacuations and incidents
  • Hostile vehicle mitigation
  • Conducting effective searches (of persons, bags, and vehicles)
  • Team leadership skills
  • Delivering team briefings

The program includes live simulations and desktop exercises to practice new skills, allowing participants to refine their existing skills and pass these proficiencies onto their team.

Senior leaders from global and local security providers have been engaged throughout the development of this qualification to ensure the necessary requirements for a security manager have been addressed and exceeded to result in a qualification which has direct meaning and purpose for the private security industry.

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