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QNUK Level 3 First Responder (RQF)

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Qualification number: 603/3961/5

Guided learning hours: 24

Credit value: 3

The QNUK Level 3 Award for first responders is aimed at those that require a more advanced level of first aid knowledge. Typical learners include security operatives, construction and industrial first aiders looking to add to the standard first aid qualification.

The Level 3 First Responder (RQF) and the First Aid at Work (FAAW) are both valuable qualifications, but they are designed for different roles and contexts. Choosing between them depends largely on your specific needs, career goals, and the environments in which you expect to apply your skills.

The FAAW qualification is a basic level of first aid training designed for workers in low-risk environments. It covers a wide range of first aid emergencies, enabling you to provide treatment to your casualties in a prompt, safe and effective manner. It's generally aimed at workplaces and fulfills the requirements outlined in the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981.

On the other hand, the Level 3 First Responder (RQF) course is a more comprehensive training, aimed at people who need a higher level of training, such as event medical responders, emergency services personnel, or people working in high-risk workplaces.

This qualification provides the knowledge and skills needed to deal with a range of prehospital care emergencies, such as managing a patient’s airways, dealing with catastrophic bleeding, and managing fractures and dislocations.

In summary, if you're looking for a more basic level of first aid training that will enable you to handle common emergencies in a lower risk workplace, the FAAW may be a good fit.

However, if you need a more in-depth understanding of prehospital care emergencies, or if you work in a higher-risk environment where more complex emergencies may arise, the Level 3 First Responders course could be a better choice.

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