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QNUK Level 2 Door Supervisors in the Private Security Industry (RQF)

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This course is tailored to provide individuals with the skills, knowledge and understanding for working on premises where alcohol is sold and where a SIA Door Supervisor Licence is mandatory.

In the UK, door supervisors play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and well-being of patrons and staff in venues like bars, nightclubs, or events demanding a unique combination of security expertise and customer service acumen. It's not a job for the easily daunted and key skills include:

Communication Abilities: Essential for effectively liaising with patrons, team members, and potentially emergency responders. They often convey policies, attend to queries, and mediate disagreements, so they should be adept in both spoken and written communication.

Conflict Resolution: Door supervisors must tactfully and peacefully handle tense situations through negotiation and dispute resolution, always remaining composed even when faced with hostility.

Observational Acuity: Their role demands constant vigilance to detect potential threats or anomalous behaviour swiftly.

Decision-Making Prowess: Quick and informed decisions, especially during emergencies or security lapses, are crucial.

Physical Endurance: They might stand for extended durations and occasionally need to intercede in conflicts physically. Some roles might also demand rudimentary self-defence capabilities.

Customer Engagement: Often, they're the initial and concluding contact for patrons, highlighting the need for exceptional customer service.

Integrity: Given the job's responsibilities, being trustworthy and consistent is paramount.

Legislation Awareness: They must be well-versed with pertinent laws, like licensing statutes and the obligations of door staff. In the UK, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) mandates them to be licensed, necessitating training and an examination.

Basic Medical Training: A foundational understanding of first aid is often favoured by employers.

Collaborative Skills: They usually function within a larger security contingent, so harmonious teamwork is crucial.

Resilience: Given the potential stresses and challenges of the role, tenacity and the capability to navigate difficult circumstances are vital.

Physical Intervention Expertise: Though vital, they must be judiciously applied in strict compliance with legal and SIA guidelines.

To work as a Door Supervisor in the UK, obtaining a licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) is obligatory and involves background checks (DBS) during the SIA Licence application.

If you have reservations about your criminal history, consider using the Criminal Record Indicator on the SIA website before pursuing this qualification. This resource provides an indication of your potential licensure. Visit:

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