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QNUK Delivery of Conflict Management Training (RQF)

QNUK Delivery of Conflict Management Training (RQF)
Product Details

Qualification number: 603/6915/2

Guided learning hours: 32

Credit value: 4

This course is designed for those who are starting a career in training or for trainers who wish to deliver training in managing conflict in the workplace. Key features and elements of the Level 3 Delivery of Conflict Management Training course include:

Understanding Conflict and its Impact in the Workplace: This aspect of the course helps learners understand the different causes of conflict, the stages of conflict, and its potential impact on individuals and organizations.

Methods for Managing Conflict: This includes learning various methods for resolving conflict, including negotiation, mediation, and other de-escalation techniques.

Developing and Delivering Conflict Management Training: Learners will gain an understanding of how to develop and deliver effective training sessions to various audiences. This includes understanding the legal and ethical responsibilities of a trainer, using appropriate training resources, and evaluating the effectiveness of training sessions.

Assessment: Assessment for this qualification is usually through a combination of written assignments, a micro-teaching session, and participation in group tasks and discussions.

It's worth noting that this qualification is often taken by individuals who have already achieved or are working towards the Level 3 Award in Education and Training, or equivalent, as this provides the broad teaching and assessment skills that underpin effective training delivery.

Once qualified, individuals can deliver Conflict Management Training in a variety of settings, such as the private security industry, health and social care, customer service, and more.

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